France Ô National Branding Campaign

Cliches fighting cliches for the rench overseas national channel

France Ô  is a French public television network programming for the French overseas departments and collectivities. It is part of the France Télévisions group. Formerly known as RFO sat, the channel was re-branded France Ô in 2004 in order to show its part of the France télévisions group. The “Ô” stands for “outre-mer” (overseas).

Creating a new open-minded claim

Bold created the new channel claim : "regardons autrement" (look differently). This claim is supposed to make us look beyond cliches in order to (re)discover the channel throughout a new, open-minded, point of view. Indeed, france Ô is all about open-mindness, dialogue and curiosity. With this claim, we wanted that everyone of us ask himself the right questions and stop being afraid with different cultures or people coming from different parts of the world.

Cliches fighting cliches

Throughout a series of 9 portraits and taglines, France O breaks racial, physical, intellectual and sexist reassert positive values of being different and thus fighting “daily racism”. 9 of the most famous France Ô TV hosts played willingly the ambassadors of the channel and support the message “regardons autrement” (look differently). We made them tell that they were not the cliche people expect them to be while trying to match with the theme of their show.

Displaying program-oriented radio spots

As the campaign is playing with cliches, we believed the channel had to push its content and that’s why we chose the radio media for it. Each spot pushes one particular program. All the spots end with the new channel claim : “regardons autrement” for which we created a musical jingle.

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