La Biennale des Antiquaires

A 360° Strategy for one of the world leading Fines Art and Antiques Fair.

The Paris based Biennale des Antiquaires is the premier showcase of art and antiques featuring treasures from the world’s greatest dealers since the 1950’s. But Biennale des Antiquaires is more than a Fine Art and Antique Fair. It’s a symbol and an ambassador of the French Art and Culture in the World. Now backed by the “French Luxury” universe through jewelers, which most often are also Luxury Maisons. The Fair appears as an inevitable worldwide rendez-vous of art and luxury goods.

For it’s 27th edition, Bold and Beyond collaborated with the Syndicat National des Antiquaires (SNA) to shape a  360° strategy starting with the creation of a unique Brand identity.

Shaping an Iconic Symbol

To define the Brand Identity, we worked closely with the SNA to understand where the brand was coming from, and what there goals were for their new identity.
We enhanced the identity of "La Biennale des Antiquaires" around it's own universe to design the new logo : Paris : Capital of "Fines Art and Antiques", Biennale international symbol of universal cultural heritage, Biennale symbol of openness and excellence.
We also focus on two key notions, "excellence" and "luxury" to position the "Brand" and create a clear recognition for collectors.
We've selected the "Quadrige" overlooking the Grand Palais (fitting location for the Biennale des Antiquaires) which embodies Paris, heritage and excellence.

Tailored to each visitor

Bold+Beyond develop a new, fully-responsive digital presence to establish « La Biennale des Antiquaires” as an inevitable destination for collectors, professionals and visitors. That’s how Bold+Beyond worked with the SNA to define its product and content strategy for driving meaningful user engagement and attracting the world greatest collectors.

Real time specific content

We know that visitors explore and engage more when their introduction to content is short and user-friendly. So, we developed a home page with a system of double navigation to give visitors a quick glimpse of all the happenings and important stories of the coming « Biennale des Antiquaires" as well as a complete showcase of the Biennale History.

The left side provide visitors with an ever-evolving snapshot of the 27th Biennale des Antiquaires, showcasing content and news from across the fair universe, uniquely tailored to what’s happening “now.”

Real-Time specific content

We worked to optimize the experience for viewers and visitors on any device with special attention to tablet devices - a key touch point of the target audience.

The experience of learning about the « Biennale des Antiquaires » is as rich as the content provided on the coming Fair. From the first touch point to the last, visitors can find out the right information. The site employs best practices, such as in order to create a long-lasting relationship with users.

A dedicated professional tools

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