Known around the world for its savoir-faire, modernity, and innovative style, international fashion house Mac Douglas sought out a new online experience that would capture the brand’s values and vision, immerse new and loyal customers in the Mac Douglas universe, and enable any user an easier way to search, explore and redirect to online shop on any device.

Knowing that their main audience had become increasingly mobile and digitally-savvy, they came to Bold+Beyond to challenge their thinking on how design, content, and technology can be used to best engage its target audience.

An optimal experience for each visitor

The new web site had to present the brand and its collections always offering an optimal experience, whatever the medium. Also the new interface was Design in a Responsive way for desktop and tablets, and offers a dedicated mobile version. The pleasure of discovering Collections is the same on all screen sizes, like the ease of access to sales outlets or travel in time with the history of the brand.

Enhance products to strengthen the brand

MacDouglas has stood out over the years by defining the high-end world of its collections through original and impressive shots. We have worked hand in hand with the brand to maximize the value of their looks. The new lookbook is both interactive and consistent with the brand identity: it allows the visitor to discover the new collection with stunning visuals while keeping the product in the center of the navigation.

But it does not stop there, the visitor is taken by the hand. From the discovery of the new eye candy collection, it is then fed to discover more products in ties with the look and finally has the opportunity to go on to purchase on the official online store.

Present the brand : past and authenticity

The new Mac Douglas website was designed to be the reference of its brand identity. It certainly presents beautifully the latest collections, but it is also the guardian of the identity of the House MacDouglas, particularly through its history and philosophy. Thus the visitor can go back with a timeline to discover the origin of the brand, its inspirations and fashion trends she has imposed over the last 60 years. Through the homonymous section, he will also learn more about the timeless craftsmanship of the house, noble materials used, artisanal gestures behind the manufacture of quality products.

  • Mac Douglas - Screen Page Histoire

Make the consumer closer to his store

The contact between the consumer and MacDouglas products is well done online, but not only. The company has nearly a dozen shops in his name in France, real showcases his style and his latest collections. But the brand has extended its presence more through multiple retailers across the country. It needed a simple and effective tool to allow visitors to quickly find MacDouglas point of sale, official shop or near retailer.

In the store locator section we can list the closest point of sales, get their contact information and position them on a map. Official shops have pages dedicated to their more detailed description.

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