Bringing the leading hotel marketing firm to a new audience

World Independent Hôtel Promotion is one of the leading international hotel marketing agency that provides both hotel marketing and management expertise.

One day, Chief Marketing Officer Martin Soler challenge us to re-define and re-position WIHP Highlighting its strong and unique expertise.

A Pedagogical Entry Point

The homepage sets the concept for WIHP’s digital experience. It is an entry point designed to expose users to the breadth of services and contents with a scrolling format delivering explications on the three key steps of the company expertise.

We wanted users to have a clear understanding on how WIHP could deployed a unique eco-system of online marketing tools. With a step-by-step approach, users figure out how to get significant return on a universal need for hotel managers : “Increasing Direct Booking”

Share a state-of-the-art expertise.

If the first goal of the website was to clearly present the offer of WIHP, the second was to enhance the brand content. For this purpose, the "Insight" allows agents to WIHP centralize their articles. This section has two functions: firstly it demonstrates the industry expertise of WIHP, secondly it generates qualified traffic, depending on the content strategy. The web site was designed so that this part is fully integrated into different browsing patterns, since the articles are closely linked to the corresponding services and their interface also provides the first contact.

Optimizing the user journey

The entire site has been designed to meet a main goal: to get in touch. We wanted each visitor to easily find the information, then discovers that WIHP solutions can meet his deepest need, and then be pushed to the contact. So that we identified several types of users path, and then added relevant “call to action”. All the different routes lead to contact pages, customized to the user journey and its identified need.

Arouse curiosity to build loyalty

The Content Strategy Applied to the "Insight" section echoes the efforts of WIHP to position itself as a benchmark in online marketing hotel. In proposing to define a state of the art in its sector, and by sharing news with his prospects regularly WIHP ensures always generate interest. So we designed and developed a model of clear Newsletter, which highlights the latest WIHP research and advances.

Drive qualified traffic

Having a website designed to convert visitors is not enough, we also need them to go there. If content strategy is good for SEO, WIHP also wants to catch visitors who search on third party information sources. The display and retargeting campaign plays this role. Again we accompanied WIHP in creating display banners, in order to deliver a clear and punchy message, while respecting the brand identity.

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