Growth Lab

ArturAggregation, recommendations, investment. Next-generation management for everyone.


Pioneers in the robot-advisor industry in France, Artur wants to offer its user a dedicated virtual assistant to help them organize their finances and invest their money smartly. Artur had the technology ready and under review by the different regulations involved in fintech but no customer-facing applications yet.

Our Solution

Working with Artur’s engineers we’ve developed a web application with a straightforward KYC verification flow, a smart Dashboard to help customers organize their finances, and a library of components for their features to come. We’ve designed a user-centric experience to bring all of Artur’s services to their clients and deliver on their promise of “Investing for all made simple”.


Artur being a young product in a growing market needed to stand out from the crowd, we needed a brand that would feel serious, trustworthy, and techy to reassure their customer base that this is a legit product and they can safely invest in it. Artur’s logotype is sharp but playful, the color scheme chosen uses cold tones with a warmer black to welcome the user and keeps color accents for displaying information. The typography used for the titles is bold and friendly to create an impact while supported by a more condensed and clearer font for optimal legibility on the user interface.

KYC Verification Service

“Know Your Customer” is probably the most critical step in Onboarding a new user for any finance application. These processes are long and tedious and often require documents to be sent out and signed physically. Thanks to proprietary technology and user experience research, we’ve helped Artur reduce the number of steps required while offering user guidance with the help of an AI.

Aggregation, Recommendations, Investment

Artur’s core business is to provide their clients with smart recommendations on how to invest their money after connecting their third-party finance accounts, from banks to crypto wallets, existing investments, or property. We needed an interface that feels welcoming for new users, guiding them through the different steps to accomplish and helping them set up their accounts. We also needed power users to not feel left out by adding select advanced features as well as a Beta testers program for early birds.

In Your Pocket

It’s not to be proven anymore, people are using their mobile devices for everything. Interstingly with Artur, we saw initially a lot of users completing their journey with their Desktop browsers compared to Mobile. We could explain it because of the steps required for the KYC and the need to access documents, however, it quickly came to our attention that most users were using the web application on their mobile devices after registering. Thanks to new investments Artur has been able to work on a Mobile Application that should greatly increase its access and provide a native user experience to create an account and use its services.