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Ateliers AMEGlobal inbound marketing framework resulting in 10x revenue growth over 3 years and a 31x ROAS for Ateliers AME.

Client:Ateliers AME
Industry:Luxury Manufacturer
Service:Growth Marketing
  • 10X

    Revenue Growth Over 3 Years

  • 31X



Ateliers AME is a luxury manufacturer crafting bespoke products for a wide range of international clients using its global network of specialized craftsmen.  With over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing products for the world’s most prestigious brands, Ateliers AME is a leader in luxury and sustainability, a full-service manufacturer from ideation to execution and delivery.


We aim to expand awareness of Ateliers AME and their unique expertise, attracting qualified leads to their social channels and website.


To gain visibility for Ateliers AME, we launched an organic and paid strategy that leveraged its unique positioning and expertise.
  1. 1. Content Strategy:

    To spread awareness of Ateliers AME’s services, our content strategy focused on top brand partnerships, company initiatives, and industry trends. This content was in the form of public blogs, white papers, and mood boards that required the reader’s email. We disseminated this content through social media channels and the website.
  2. 2. AdWords Search Campaign:

    To leverage the content strategy, we launched an AdWords Search campaign focusing on topics most relevant to Ateliers AME’s potential clients. Our goal was to push the content we had created to these audiences and collect qualified leads.
  3. 3. Scraping and Outreach:

    To increase the volume of leads, we started a scraping campaign targeting potential clients. Initially, we tested a broad range of luxury industries and job titles, eventually narrowing it down to the most efficient targeting.


As a result of our tailored strategy to reach our ideal clients, we achieved a ROAS of 31x for Ateliers AME. Additionally, in the last year, we drew over 14,000 unique visitors to our LinkedIn page from organic and paid content from target industries.


  • 10X

    Revenue Growth Over 3 Years

  • 31X



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