BH CosmeticsA re-brand centered around strength and empowerment


BH Cosmetics, a popular make-up and beauty brand, needed to refresh its brand identity to better reflect who they are and what they believe in. Culture and heritage have played a strong role in the brand’s focus on helping people be themselves.


With the goal of giving BH Cosmetics a bold and defining look, we reworked the brand using key elements: confidence, authenticity, engagement, pride, heritage, and radical kindness. A revamped art direction with a strong color palette and large, heavy fonts effectively conveys the brand’s message. It’s about being a Badass With Heart.

01. Client Draft
02. Moodboard
03. Homepage

A strong and vibrant art direction

When you sell make-up, you need to be as bold as the people who wear your products! BH Cosmetics had to reflect the concept of expressing the true self with makeup. We went for a vibrant, neon color palette used adjacent to black & white to create eye-catching accents, enabling each product to express itself. The font we chose takes root in street culture, standing out with geometric designs and wide letters to express a bold personality.

Powerful and authentic

The art direction is all about bold colors and strong fonts, but also defining UI elements that complement the website’s main visuals for depth effect. The images and call to action use colored shadows to create focus and contrast, underlying each element and bringing it to life. This is reinforced by quick user-feedback animations that alter the depth of elements for optimized interactions.


E-commerce at its core

We needed a vibrant and bold website that at the same time offered a seamless shopping experience. Customers could find and buy the products they love, in addition to discovering new products and forging a deeper connection with the brand. Each product page is unique in color to better reflect a product’s singular offerings, giving customers an idea of what the product is all about. Sales and product specifications are clearly identified with clever call-outs and badges, and on hover we let the product speak for itself with a thoughtful handwritten note. A greater emphasis on reviews and user-generated content carousels on product pages represents the customer centricity of this new website.

Enhanced mobile experience

With 90% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, the website is designed as a mobile-first experience. Using playful interactions and animations, we ensured the same key messages would appear on all devices. Using responsive lazy-loaded images and touch-optimized navigation also improved the performance of the website.

Build it as you want

Our website was built with Shopify Sections in mind, allowing each module to function independently in terms of layout, color and size through Shopify’s built-in theme customizer. For better readability and a cohesive landing page experience, each one is fine-tuned for total control over the design while respecting art direction and following a clear hierarchy of information.