Inbound Marketing

Clay AIRScraping

Subject:Lead Generation
Client:Clay AIR
Industry:Deep Tech - Gesture Recognition
Service:Growth Hacking - Scraping
  • $21

    Cost per Lead

  • 400X

    Return on Investment - ROI


The right message must be communicated to the right audience in order to rapidly onboard a massive amount of users. Data scraping is a very powerful marketing strategy when launching a product or a service as it reaches large audiences and therefore onboards new users for a very low User Acquisition Cost (CAC).In the case of Clay Air, we are driving growth to a very complex and extremely valuable technology by targeting niche audiences to increase conversion.


There are two defined objectives.

The first is to understand the market and get valuable data by identifying which triggers and audiences convert the fastest in order to have clear visibility on our acquisition strategy.

The second objective is to onboard and convert as many clients as possible in order to catalyze growth.



The key is to clearly identify and define the specific personas and audiences to target.

This is one of the most important steps of the whole methodology as it will determine the criteria that we will use to collect user’s information (emails…).

The key in scraping is to collect as many emails as possible for a specific audience. The more emails you gather and the more precise the defined criteria are on your audience, the better the conversion rates.

Selling a technology on a B2B market is harder as there are many people involved in the decision-making process. For some companies, engineers have a key role, for other companies, it will be C-Levels, Project Managers, Business Developments, or Partnership Managers.

As a result, we defined 8 personas.


Once we have identified the most relevant platforms to scrape, the key is to develop the right scraper (robot) allowing you to scrape and collect the desired information. Since Clay AIR is targeting major OEMs on the market we focused our efforts on LinkedIn and specialized industry conference platforms, allowing us to collect A-List leads.

Depending on the platform, a few hours or days can generate thousands of leads.

As a result, we collected up to 100,000 profiles in the US.


This is the most important step as it is the primary conversion tool. Depending on your audience sub-segment, messages will need to be adjusted to fit your audience’s interest. One of the most interesting results we noted is that the need to deeply understand your audience with legitimate empathy. When someone receives an email from an unknown sender you have only a few seconds to grab their interest. If you truly offer something that provides a significant benefit to the recipient, it’s a game-changer for you.

With Clay AIR, we valued our recent milestones and achievements highlighting our partnership with industry leader Qualcomm. We took this opportunity to build a community of engineers, offering them the opportunity to try the technology and provide constructive feedback. This grassroots approach strengthens the community base, provides valuable technical feedback, resolves market pain points, generates real leads, and builds a deep and lasting relationship with users.


As a result, the targeted top-tier audience brought a Cost per Lead of $21 and a Customer Acquisition Cost of $75.

The technology pricing for this example ranges between $100K and a few million. The return on investment is unbeatable.