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Key Figures

  • NDA

    HUM Conversion

    Over a year

  • 7.2x

    Average Conversion

    Over a year

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Walter Faulstroh

CEO and Co-founder

01 Why a Quiz

The most effective tool for online lead generation.

An average e-commerce website has a 1.45% sales conversion rate meaning that more than 95% of visitors don’t buy anything.
Instead of trying to sell products right away, we first want to capture leads (emails) in order to collect data.

02 A powerful conversion tool

Create Brand Awareness

Asking questions about the visitors shows that the brand care about them.
We are not just trying to sell them something but we are trying to know more about them. We want to understand their concerns, their behaviors and their needs in order to offer tailor-made recommendations.

If the recommendation is provided by a scientist through a digital experience that would re-create the human interaction you could have with a doctor, we would create credibility and reassurance.

Increase Conversion

The quiz offers a customer oriented approach that increase conversion on three levels:

  • Direct conversion by creating reassurance and personalization – A scientist is asking for my concerns and provides me the right products.
  • Retargeting conversion offering the opportunity to adapt the message, the offer and the promotions.
  • Upsell conversion giving us individual information to suggest additional products.

Decrease Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Collecting data gives us information about our customers and their needs.
Now, we can address each customer with the right messages, products and offers.
Additionally, gathering those information allows us to know where to reach our audience and therefore improve our targeting strategy.
Marketing campaigns become more efficient with a lower cost of user acquisition.

03 What data will bring us

A completely new marketing approach based on performance.
Collecting users’ data provides us with a lot of valuable information that helps us improve efficiency, reduce marketing costs and increase profitability.

  1. Messaging and Copywriting

    Adjust and improve messaging (promise, justification…) and tones.

  2. Marketing Materials

    Craft and distribute marketing materials (leaflet, ads, booth, promo cards…) based on specific occasions and target.

  3. Content

    Define and build the appropriate content strategy based on the user’s interests.

  4. Emailing

    Define and adjust e-mailing strategy (content, timeframe, promotion…).
  5. Retargeting

    Locate and target the right media channels to improve Cost of Acquisition (CPA vs. CPC).

  6. Digital & Social Advertising

    Improve audience targeting and media selection to improve CPA.

  7. Special Offers

    Define and advertise offers based on the period of the year or on the products they don’t usually buy at full price.

  8. Events – Promotions

    Prepare and organize events based on their interests.

  9. R&D

    Research and develop new products and new product lines directly innovating on customer’s needs.

Key Figures

  • NDA

    HUM Conversion

    Over a year

  • 7.2x

    Average Conversion

    Over a year