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HUM NutritionWe supported HUM Nutrition's growth from a seed to a $15M series B in 4 years.

Social Media

To achieve rapid awareness and growth, HUM Nutrition has centered its marketing strategy around social media. The supplements and nutrition category has long been dominated by lofty marketing campaigns. Therefore, HUM Nutrition took a different approach, sharing content that aims to inspire, motivate, and help people feel good.

To reinvent the relationship between consumers and vitamins, HUM used educative content focused on women’s needs and goals and real-life product environment pictures. The brand drove engagement by sharing UGC content that leaves people feeling good and inspires them to complete their beauty and wellness routines from within.

After reaching more than 130K followers in just about two years, the brand accelerated its market penetration, developing successful giveaways and partnerships, allowing it to reach new audiences. With more than 230K followers on Instagram, the brand has grown its sales from this channel by 30% per quarter.

Onboarding and Quiz

By centering the conversion funnel around a quiz, we were able to create an engaging and unique experience, increasing conversions. Built to learn more about the consumers and provide them with personalized recommendations delivered by a registered dietitian, it allows the brand to collect valuable data about their customers.

The brand developed a completely new marketing approach, user-centric and data-driven, which maximized performance.

Combined with UX optimization and A/B testing, it offered best in the class conversion funnel.


HUM Nutrition developed a unique user-centric methodology, consistently testing new ideas and seeking to understand their clients better.

With paid social advertising, the right audiences were precisely targeted while the product’s beauty and details were displayed across static and dynamic placements.

Leveraging the insights collected along the journey, HUM launched new channels to provide additional growth levers and build a successful Media Mix.


Content strategy has always been key in HUM Nutrition’s marketing growth to engage and retain its subscribers. As for every business, CLTV is The Key, and this is especially true for subscription companies. From the newly rebranded blog The Wellness to being ranked the Top 9 Nutrition blog & media platform in the world according to Feedspot to purposeful and educative content such as videos, pamphlets, cards, and motions, the brand has developed a strong authority and unique loyalty. They are now expanding through unique events and digital experiences.


When it came to advertising, we developed the same approach of always testing and always looking for inspiration.

A variety of scripts and alternative lines were recorded for the commercials. With each ad, we are immersed into the world of HUM girls, focusing on their concerns and goals. Before jumping into OTT or TV, we were able to test multiple video assets online to identify the most effective and pertinent campaigns.