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HUM Nutrition reinvented the Vitamin industry by making it more fun and accessible. In the years since, a number of competitors have emerged, following their lead. HUM wanted to revamp and refresh its website bringing it to today’s modern standard, with the goal of optimizing its customer flow, and offering more features while highlighting the brand’s uniqueness.


Bold+Beyond has been working with HUM Nutrition since its inception, helping them grow every step of the way and sharing our expertise to market their brand. We’ve partnered with HUM’s web team to redesign the website from the ground up, incorporating the feedback they gathered over the years to provide an enhanced brand experience and an increase in conversions.


HUM Nutrition’s product and brand have evolved over the years, from paper projects to Series-B, we have helped them expand globally and become a global health and beauty brand partnered with Sephora. Their website wasn’t fully optimized to cover their business needs, but in collaboration with their Art Direction and Technical teams, we’ve worked to bring the brand to modern standards. Starting with the website, Bold+Beyond developed a Brand Guide and Style Guide to provide them with the right tools to apply the new Art Direction and Brand vision to their brand.

Rethinking the User Experience to bring E-Commerce features to the front page

Historically, HUM’s website focused on introducing the brand, the nutritionists, and their uniqueness. We wanted to continue highlighting these features with the rebranding, while also bringing front e-commerce-centric features that would provide users with a more direct shopping flow by highlighting HUM’s best sellers, new products, and User Generated Content including reviews. Due to HUM’s subscription business model, we also wanted to orient the user path toward their Quiz, which historically has been the main conversion tool.

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05. Engagement

Revamping the E-Commerce User Experience for shorter and improved user flows

Newcomers had trouble navigating HUM’s offering and understanding what products the brand offered without going in-depth, which was one of the brand’s main concerns. We introduced a new Shop Menu with main categories, best sellers, and answers to common beauty concerns to guide them through their shopping experience. Lastly, the Catalog page was completely redesigned to make it easier for consumers to find products and understand what they do, as well as how well they’re received by the community, at a glance.

Better Defined Product Pages

The Product Page was one of the most important pages in the redesign. We had several goals, including giving the hero more information to convert users without them having to scroll down. Our objective was to provide a beautiful way to display HUM’s key product features, the research behind them, and the ingredients they contain, highlighting the brand’s value of relying heavily on science and nutritionists. In order to bring HUM’s valued customers to the forefront, we decided to include customer reviews with new features before the usual reassurance and cross-selling sections. Last but not least, we included a call to action directed toward the HUM Nutrition Quiz for users who may need some additional guidance.

Modernized Quiz With A Personalized Approach

HUM’s Quiz has been its main conversion tool since the inception of the brand. In designing the Quiz a few years ago, we wanted to provide a great user experience to help new customers make better purchasing decisions by presenting them with products that target their concerns. By providing some personal questions and gratification messages as the user progresses, the Quiz refresh aims to provide an even more personalized experience. The mobile experience has also been reworked to feel more native and easier to navigate through, using screens rather than long scrolls to mimic a mobile application experience.

Recommendations and More

When HUM Nutrition users complete the Quiz and create an account, they will be directed to the Recommendations page where their nutritionist will suggest products to them. This page has been reworked for a clearer path; it occurs before the checkout process, so it functions similarly to a shopping cart. On this page, we’ve pulled the cart back in, populating it with recommendations that can be expanded if the user needs more information. By adding upsells for newly released products and enabling the ability to access the entire catalog without leaving the page, users can build their box and know their savings in real time. The Nutritionists are a very important part of the experience and we gave them more room with an introductory video welcoming new customers to HUM from their personal Registered Dietitian.

A Familiar Checkout Experience

As e-Commerce platforms like Shopify have grown in popularity, customers have become accustomed to one Checkout experience across many shops, creating habits and making the classic in-one-page scroll Checkout experience obsolete. We reworked HUM’s checkout experience to bring a familiar user experience enhanced by HUM’s specific offerings, allowing users to quickly update what their final box will look like while seeing their savings reflected.

Giving Customers The Control

Many subscription-based companies make life difficult for their customers by lacking transparency and preventing them to update their subscriptions freely. As HUM wanted to simplify the shop experience, we redesigned the entire customer account into an Application based experience with distinct tabs and a Dashboard providing all the information they need about their subscription. With the intention of highlighting customer Rewards, the main page of the new website includes details about the subscription, upselling, rewards, and sharing, as well as easy access to their personal nutritionist and customer support.