Growth Hacking

Lulu’s Body JewerlyWe increased ROAS by 798% by deploying a robust regional advertising strategy

A granular approach for A-class results

Bold+Beyond guided Lulu’s Body Jewelry in redefining its Art Direction and scaling across the United States. When covering such a large geographic area and needing to target a specific audience, we find it’s best to maintain a granular and community mindset rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. As a general rule: the more targeted your messaging, the better. Therefore, our priority was to obtain concrete data to guide our creative direction. We pursued this via a three-step A/B test strategy:

Step 1

We developed three sets of creative content based on different themes: the first focused on high-end luxury positioning, the second focused on Gen Z behaviors and tastes, and the third focused on a more hipster and trendy approach.


Step 2

We defined multiple audiences across the United States based on body piercings and jewelry, media, culture, environment, and mutual interests.

Then, we tested 250+ triggers grouped by theme to better understand our audiences, as well as which testimonials and influencers would be most impactful to the campaign. We also used this insight to provide guidance on product quality, product innovation, statements, inspiration, and more.

Step 3

After a week, we eliminated the least valuable campaigns and accelerated the highest performing ones, improving Click-Through Rates by 85% and Conversion Rates by 38%.

Step 4

After the second week, we analyzed the results and found our winning art direction as well as the best performing audiences and triggers. We ended up with 40+ campaigns with a ROAS above 10x.


With concrete evidence regarding the preferences of our audience, we applied this to our methodology and produced relevant and highly targeted messaging on ads and Lulu’s website. This allowed us to improve the ROAS by XXX%.