Moxy, a Bath and Body Work® brandLaunching Moxy, a beauty brand transforming the beauty journey for GenZ through a TikTok and Instagram awareness campaign reaching over 670K views in 48h.

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Moxy is a Gen-Z-oriented, gender inclusive brand, offering products designed for a range of skin and hair types. With the aim of inspiring consumers to curate their own definition of beauty, the whole body line includes  shampoos, conditioners, skincare products, and vitamins.


With an objective to create strong visibility and position the brand within the Gen Z community, we launched Moxy’s Influencer Marketing project. Using a diverse range of influencers to highlight Moxy’s inclusive nature, the content showed each influencer’s unique at-home self care ritual with Moxy, driving visibility to this new product line.


We developed a strategy around targeting all of the different personas Moxy caters to in order to achieve maximum visibility for this emerging brand.
  1. 1. Inclusivity:

    We chose diverse influencers as representatives of the Moxy personas in order to position the gender-inclusive brand with strong visibility to its target audiences, specifically Gen-Z and millennials.
  2. 2. Cross-Platform:

    To maximize the impact, we used mixed media to meet the behaviors and preferences of our various target audiences. We created content for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube shorts while focusing mainly on reel-format videos.
  3. 3. Storytelling:

    The goal was to emphasize the customizable nature of Moxy’s product line by highlighting the unique daily self care routine of each influencer.


Through this campaign, Moxy rapidly gained visibility in a competitive space, reaching an audience of over 670K viewers.  Awareness was brought to Moxy, highlighting its unique qualities as a young and growing brand. As a result of selecting a range of influencers diverse in both audience interest and demographics, including Gen Z and Millenials, we were able to gain insight into how to optimize future growth opportunities for Moxy.

  • 670K


  • 48



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