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PerspectiveLead generation for everyone


Perspective, a Berlin-based lead generation platform, reached out to us to help them build a client-facing website that would explain their business and be the first step in onboarding new clients to their application.


Perspective’s website features compelling storytelling through subtle scroll animations and impactful visuals to sell the product in both German and English.

A fast and efficient tool for mobile lead generation

Perspective aims to be the leading platform for building mobile-optimized sales funnels that can be built and customized by their clients through a robust web application. To be competitive and efficient, the website had to have a modern and timeless brand identity, as well as be optimized for performance and efficiency. Their most successful cases with high-quality clients are displayed front and center to reassure visitors that their service has been tested and proven.


Because the tool is for mobile lead generation, the website had to be flawless on mobile devices since most clients would judge the final product based on what they see on their phones. Most application presentations also highlight the app and its benefits through UI zooms and mockup examples for a true experience.

A picture is worth a thousands words, what about a video?

Using motion design, the website sells the concept in less than a minute. Since the product is simple enough to speak for itself, we opted to show rather than tell. In order to optimize the experience for each device, feature detection and ideal download speeds were used to play the video at the time of reaching the page or when the user wanted to engage.