Growth Hacking

Privé RevauxWe led the growth of this celebrity-backed label in Europe, acquired by Safilo on a $110M valuation.

Subject:Growth Marketing
Client: Prive Revaux
Service:Growth Marketing
  • $110M


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prive revaux


Privé Revaux is a fast-growing brand marketing affordable and high-quality sunglasses with endorsements from celebrity partners, including Jamie Foxx, Ashley Benson, and Hailee Steinfeld.

The brand sells fashion-forward sunglasses at a retail price of $29.95 through its website, mall-based kiosks, and third-party retailers.


We tested the European market on Facebook and Instagram to learn the market and optimize targeting.
Paid social advertising allowed us to target different audiences precisely while testing various triggers and displaying product details across static and dynamic placements to identify the best-performing clusters.

Within the competitive context of the fashion & sunglasses industry, our best-performing growth hack relied on adapting the brand’s DNA using local influencers and celebrities to stand out and add legitimacy to our ads.

We also leveraged Prive Revaux’s disruptive approach to offering consumers a high-quality and stylish product at an affordable price point.


We then deployed an iterative multi-channel media mix to scale Privé Revaux holistically.

Leveraging insights collected about where our audience is and what content resonates, we launched 5 new channels to provide additional growth levers, building a successful Media Mix approach and accelerating growth.

Website optimization and automation

Once acquisition funnels were on track, we optimized the website, leveraging screen recordings, tracking and events, and A/B testing to increase the AOV and Conversion Rate.

We also leveraged the data we had collected about our audience and consumers in order to implement a series of automations, including a welcome series, first-time order discount, abandoned browser, abandoned cart, and enriched content.

Retention and referral

The key is to focus on the consumer lifetime value and LTV/CAC in an increasingly competitive online environment.

Therefore, we launched a referral program incentivizing members to refer new clients, decreasing the overall CAC.

We also built a retention strategy, creating content to engage Privé Revaux’s database and increase recurring orders.


To support online sales, we leveraged our collected data to build POS, adapt brand DNA to the local European market, and adjust messaging to produce stunning visuals much appreciated by our local target audience.

Special Growth Hack

In partnership with celebrities such as Jamie Foxx and Ashley Benson, we created pop-up collections for each season. For each seasonal collection, we tested the audience’s reaction to the products using public figures from different industries, including singers, athletes and more, learning which collections would drive the most conversions. 


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