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Shut Up And GoFrom 1 million YouTube subscribers to a digital media platform


Shut Up And Go is a media platform inspired by Damon and Jo’s YouTube channel and blog. Damon and Jo are two young travel bloggers that developed a very popular YouTube travel show for the social media generation. The challenge was to create an all-new brand identity and build a media platform based on their blog Shut Up And Go, including its contributors, articles, and shop, as a mobile-first experience.


Returning to the roots of Shut Up And Go, we went for a bold, pop, and modern look that resonates with their demographics. It evokes a desire to travel the world, and discover its beauty and the many experiences it has to offer. Designed to serve Damon and Jo’s 1M+ YouTube subscribers, the website is inspirational.

A young and dynamic brand

We wanted Shut Up And Go to reflect what it’s all about. The name suggests that visitors take action through multiple forms. The logotype is bold and dynamic, playing on extended black typography with a slight angle to exude energy, shouting the name loud and clear! The typography is a mix of bold serif fonts reminiscent of a traditional newspaper, yet with singular shapes closer to the vibe of the brand’s audience. The colors we chose are strong, bold, and confident while capturing the heart of the platform that united everyone from the start: Damon and Jo’s YouTube channel.

Badges, icons, stickers, depth

It was important that their website evoke a memorable traveling experience for their social media audience – we used elements inspired by souvenirs that you collect during your travels to remember the adventure. We wanted the experience to offer subtle yet impactful details that would complement the brand, knowing that their contributors are also creative and love to share their trips, tips, and tricks as much as their photography.

Pocketable experience

Knowing that Damon and Jo’s audience demographics are mobile-first, we worked on the media platform’s mobile experience as the primary interface and most relevant form factor. As most of the content on Mobile is also available on Desktop, we needed to create interactions optimized for both devices. In addition, we wanted a website that followers could easily share, eventually ending up on their friends’ Google Newsfeeds.

Welcome to the modern day postcard

Shut Up And Go is first and foremost a contributor’s platform. We needed a website that would allow newcomers to share their stories with moderators, who would rewrite the narrative to fit the brand’s tone and objectives. Clear rules of how to contribute are outlined, and each contributor has a dedicated space for the thousands of daily visitors to follow their stories and share their favorite ones too.