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StriiverMobile app to find experienced staff for catering businesses in real-time


Catering businesses experience massive turnover and struggle to find replacements or extra workers when needed the most. Job portals often can’t provide a solution to this urgent matter, which can at times demand new staff within hours of a job commencing. The only way to quickly find experienced staff is to rely on existing networks and hope that someone is available.


Striiver is a mobile app that allows people to quickly find hourly paid jobs, providing catering businesses with extra staff in real-time. The application simplifies, enhances, and facilitates the hiring process while optimizing payments in accordance with regulations.

A meaningful brand

We wanted the brand to launch with impact. We used short, powerful words to convey the brand’s vision. Striiver’s goal is to provide the right staff at the most critical moment for success, and that’s exactly what ‘to strive for’ means.

The second concept in defining Striiver is to create a community. We illustrated this idea by having two “i”s next to one another in the brand name and logo, representing two people connecting, and adding the -er suffix, describing a person (or thing) that does the action indicated by the root verb.

A strong and vibrant brand

The objective behind the Striiver brand is to be recognizable and impactful as it’s a young brand needing to attract customers. We worked with vibrant colors, distinct geometric patterns, a strong, clear wordmark, and a playful app icon to illustrate the application’s concept of bringing people together.

Onboarding made simple

The application needed to successfully onboard users, taking in to account their specific requirements to simplify the information gathering process and provide relevant information.

Quick signup process

Initial account creation requires only an email and password. To quickly go through the signup process and gather relevant data, LinkedIn and Google social logins were implemented.

Striivers only need to provide a few details, but the more complete their profile, the more attractive and relevant they will be for employers. After signing up, users can swipe for the perfect job right away, and apply based on a variety of criteria.

Intuitive job search with swipe mechanism

Jobs are presented in a simple fashion so that users can quickly navigate what’s available. Applying for a job is done with just a single swipe or two clicks when more information is needed, allowing Striivers to quickly find jobs.

Employers receive real-time notifications when someone applies for a job, allowing them to immediately review the candidate profile. If they want to wait before reviewing candidates, each job has a dedicated list used to filter candidates for the decision-making process.

The website

To showcase the value of their unique business model, Striiver needed a website targeting both employers and job seekers. Hence, we built a homepage to present the app’s concept and two separate pages with key selling points for each party.

Mobile onboarding

Since Striiver is a mobile application leveraging mobility, it was critical to provide an enhanced user experience on mobile to quickly onboard “Striivers” and access additional information.