TripSitter.Clinic Launch

The Challenge

Bold+Beyond partnered with TripSitter to launch and grow the psychedelic therapy telemedicine service. With the rise of the need for accessibility from home, many telehealth services have spawned over the last few years, trying to serve everyone’s every need. The first challenge was developing the technology necessary to enable Tripsitter to remain compliant with telehealth laws while accessibly providing its unique services. The second challenge was identifying the niche demographic to rapidly gain traction and build momentum.

The Objective

The objective was to raise awareness about Tripsitter’s services while onboarding and converting new patients at a fast growth rate with an efficient CAC, employing a custom-built, scalable technology.

A Complete MPV To Deliver On Precise Patient Needs

Our first step in planning the mobile application was to identify the scope of features and services necessary to build a Most Valuable Product (MVP) at launch. A possible challenge was losing focus because of the complexity of the features and services required.

Created from the ground up, we designed a mobile application service with user flows tailored to three distinct groups: doctors, patients, and coaches. The result is an Admin panel built with the Node.JS Headless CMS Strapi to handle the back-end logic and micro-services through a private API supporting the mobile applications built with React Native for a fast and intuitive experience. Using React Native, Facebook’s Agnostic mobile development library that compiles to native code, we were able to develop the app for both iOS and Android without using two different codebases. We used two Strapi instances hosted on Digital Ocean’s App Platform, one for the website’s back-office and the second for the application’s data and all the micro-services needed.

We developed Strapi Plugins to integrate with Mailchimp for the Newsletter, Authorize.Net for the payments, Twilio services Notify, Verify, and Video, and for real-time communication and built a custom plugin for the Provider’s schedules. All the assets live on an Amazon s3 instance with a Cloudfront CDN with publicly accessible links.

Build Awareness

With the objective of gaining awareness in a competitive space and attracting the attention of our key audiences, we developed a variety of strategic content, including SEO.

  • Social Media: We developed an editorial line based on educational value
  • Live Content and Videos: We implemented live interviews and Q&A sessions with experts which we shared on social channels
  • SEO: We utilized strategic keywords, plus a glossary of psychedelic terms, as well as backlinks with industry influencers, media and indexes

Drive Lead PPC

For the first phase of our PPC efforts, we needed to test a wide variety of audiences, including health issues addressed by TripSitter, locations, and copy, to identify how to efficiently reach our target demographic and which messages and triggers were most effective. We then launched a Growth Lab testing this market, which allowed us to collect valuable data on the audience’s expectations and what would convert them. From this data, we identified the most performing audiences, triggers, and locations.

After the first phase of our testing was complete, we accelerated our acquisition by focusing on the top-performing campaigns. We increased our media budget and scaled the number of patients through lead collection from our direct conversion campaign. Throughout this process, we continued to push content to build reassurance and trust.

From the first growth phase, we discovered that an effective way to eliminate patient friction was to offer a free consultation. This allowed us to ramp up lead collection rapidly and significantly and onboard new patients.

Educate and Build Trust

To continue to grow TripSitter’s visibility and build trust, we built a strong content strategy, creating a wide variety of content, with the goal of educating our audience. Our content strategy included articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, use cases, white papers, market studies, and interviews.

  • Articles: We promoted articles focusing on psychedelic news and research to educate the community on important progress in the industry, as well as scientific evidence on the benefits of psychedelic therapy.
  • Infographics: We conveyed complex concepts related to psychedelics in more simplistic terms for our audience to understand more about what TripSitter does.
  • Podcasts, Interviews and Videos: These pieces of content allowed for TripSitter to produce longer-form value-based content, introduce the TripSitter team, and give users in-depth insights from doctors and experts in the field.
  • Use Cases, White Papers, and Market Studies: This content provided additional reassurance into the efficacy and viability of psychedelic therapy treatment.

Product Market Fit

To achieve product-market fit, we needed to better understand the behavior of Tripsitter’s users. We installed screen recording and event tracking technology that allowed us to collect data at each step of the onboarding process. This data allowed us to understand where there was friction to correct and where we could improve the user journey. At this point, we implemented A/B testing to experiment with solutions.

Step by step, we were able to optimize onboarding and provide a seamless experience for Tripsitter’s patients. In addition, we designed an automation workflow aimed at nurturing, converting, and retaining patients.

Maintaining our continuous development approach, we centered data at the core of our strategy.

Growth Hack

In order for TripSitter to reach massive adoption, we needed to implement a growth hack to rapidly increase the user base. By offering exclusive access at a preferred price to mental health associations, we are able to target partnership opportunities with a specific population of potential patients in need. As many people within the veteran population may benefit from the mental health resources TripSitter provides, this is an important source of clients to activate. Partnering with organizations in the mental health and psychedelic therapy space, we can create awareness of TripSitter’s offerings within a relevant population. These partnerships include organizations specializing in verticals that psychedelic therapy has shown effectiveness in treating.

Through these partnerships, we can offer significant discounts to the communities associated with these organizations, driving conversions by offering a preferred price. The result of these efforts is a rapid increase in the adoption of TripSitter’s services and the creation of valuable relationships with mental health providers.

The Result

Growth: +3,000%
IPO on the CSE (Canadian Stock Exchange)