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TripSitter.ClinicA 360-degree acquisition strategy resulting in a 16x revenue growth with a $171.68 CAC year over year for TripSitter.Clinic.

Industry:Psychedelic Therapy
Service:Growth Marketing
  • $138.59

    Average CAC

  • 28.09X



TripSitter.Clinic, a remote psychedelic therapy service, needed to gain visibility in a rapidly growing market. TripSitter.Clinic’s mission is to provide people in need with groundbreaking, science-backed psychedelic therapy in the comfort of their own homes at an affordable price.


Through PPC campaigns, we aimed to reach potential patients who could benefit from TripSitter’s subscription therapy services. We aimed to raise awareness of their services, generate leads, and convert them into new patients at a fast rate of growth while maintaining an efficient CAC.


To efficiently and directly find TripSitter.Clinic’s most relevant target demographic, we launched a campaign with three key components.
  1. 1. Awareness and Education:

    In order to reach the potential patients most in need of TripSitter’s services, we targeted a broad variety of audiences, including specific health concerns most suited for TripSitter’s therapies.
  2. 2. Free Consultation PPC:

    We then offered a free consultation to familiarize TripSitter’s potential patients with its services and doctors to experience the value of psychedelic therapy.
  3. 3. Nurturing & Retaining:

    In order to nurture leads, we pushed a variety of content to help them understand the benefits of psychedelic therapy. For converted patients, we employed workflows and automation to make their experience more convenient and engaging.


Our strategy of testing, accelerating, and nurturing leads and converted patients allowed us to build an efficient marketing funnel. Employing this method, we were able to maintain a CPL of $24.02, acquiring 150 new potential patients per month with an average CAC of $138.59. Through TripSitter’s subscription service, these conversions brought our immediate ROI to 4.33x, with an LTV/CAC of 28.09x per client.

  • $24.02


  • 150

    Average New Potential Patients Per Month

  • $138.59

    Average CAC

  • 4.33X


  • 28.09X



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