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Domaine de CalaPrestige French rosé for the American market


Domaine de Cala is a new winery founded by renowned chef Joachim Splichal, rosé wine specialist Bruno Tringali, and wine consultant Stéphane Derenoncourt. The brand, taking its roots in Provence, France, was looking to import its wine to the US market.


We worked closely with Cala’s team to establish an art direction that would be attractive to younger generations and wine-tasting enthusiasts alike. We drew inspiration from the brand’s roots, remaining respectful of the traditions that are key to the production of these wines.

A warm tone reminiscent of Provence's weather

We wanted Domaine de Cala’s art direction to be trendy, creative, and minimalist, complemented by beautiful photography from the land of Provence. The art direction is modern yet anchored in its heritage. We worked with strong reds and earthy tones, mixing modern sans-serif with a more traditional serif font.

Elevating the brand with impactful visuals

Since the production of the wine had yet to start, we couldn’t rely on existing pictures of the bottles or packaging. By using 3D rendering software, we created a lifelike and impactful representation of the bottle and everything surrounding it. We emphasized the shadows, lighting, and depth to create a brand experience that leads you to discover the bottle and the taste of its contents from the very first glance.

Strong natural imagery

One of the strengths of working with established territories like Domaine de Cala is that the landscapes and areas where the vines grow are beautifully meandering, expansive, and awe-inspiring, demonstrating the beauty of nature. This was captured through aerial photography with drones and select images of the vineyards, wine production, and workers creating the pure, heritage-based product.

A connected brand

In order to quickly introduce Cala in the market, we initially aimed at targeting restaurant and foodservice professionals, and later expanded into direct sales to consumers. Collaborating with cooking influencers and wine enthusiasts was key to creating content featuring Cala’s wines.

Minimalist, enigmatic, strong

We wanted the brand to be refined, yet accessible. To do this we created distinct shapes for all materials relating to the brand. For the logotype, we used a simple geometric typeface to emphasize the brand name, making it short and memorable. This bottle features a rounded shape and a distinct figure. Lastly, the visuals are simple shapes and topographic patterns, accentuated by the brand’s strong red color to attract attention.