FysageConnecting the mind and body to nature


Using patented technology, Fysage created a risk-free barefoot walking insole to allow consumers to reconnect with nature – and the brand’s identity needed to reflect this.


First, we needed a name that was evocative of the brand and easy to remember. In order to appeal to their target audience, we needed art direction that remained true to the brand’s product purpose.

01. Client Draft
02. Work Research
03. Final Result

An elegant and recognizable brand

Rather than selling a product, Fysage sells a lifestyle. That meant creating a brand that resonated with their target audience. When conceiving the brand, we had to keep its core values in mind: connected to nature, easy to use, comfortable, and spiritual. We crafted an icon reminiscent of a rune. Popular within yoga and spiritual communities, this icon would be used on the packaging, the sole itself as a foot stamp, and every brand material. Supporting the icon comes the wordmark. We wanted it to be elegant, refined, and drawn with organic lines.

Wellness at its core

In order to convey its brand, Fysage needed a warm and comfortable identity. We chose colors that are in accordance with those found in nature: the earth beneath your feet. The fonts are soft, organic and welcoming. Users are guided through a journey of rediscovering what they were born to do: walk barefoot in nature.

From the ground to the extents of the universe

By breaking away from traditional website structures, Fysage provides a new user experience. Bringing the brand’s message to life required something that redefined the browsing experience. We created a reverse scroll experience, oriented from the earth as its foundation, scrolling towards the sky, and following a path organized around chapters explaining the brand’s purpose, presenting their revolutionary product, its benefits, and how it complements body and soul.

Giving back to nature

With Fysage’s brand born around the concept of nature, we needed to design packaging respectful of the environment. We used recycled paper for the product’s pamphlet and designed a custom paper-saving form factor for the box made out of recycled shipping boxes. The boxes featured minimal branding to put an emphasis on the product and the box’s content.