.gp-hero_wrapper.u-cw .gp-hero_container .gp-hero_heading p.gp-hero_headline.section-title Growth Hacking h1.gp-hero_title.title.title--1.title--growth(v-html="title") .gp-hero_content p.gp-hero_text.text.text--secondary Our Growth Hacking methodology is based on the AARRR framework, which stands for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue. These are essential steps to understand your customers, their journey, and optimize your sales funnel. call-to-action.cta--secondary.gp-hero_cta.u-mt-1(v-bind="link") .gp-hero_plus .gp-hero_plus-icon

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    Use Cases

    AARRR Framework
    5 phases for growth

    • Acquisition



      Create Rapid Growth while minimizing CAC.


      Test every channel, every audience, and every trigger to rapidly focus on the best strategy.


      Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, Displays, SEO, etc.

    • Activation



      Eliminate every friction and optimize user flows to maximize the conversion rate.


      Record user screens, collect data and gather feedback from every user on the platform.


      Analytics (Google), Session records (Hotjar), A/B Testing (Optimizely), Automation, surveys, etc.

    • Retention



      Leverage each user to attract new customers.


      Build a review strategy and test referral programs.


      Referral program, review access, customer testimonials, etc.

    • Referral



      Create a Rendez-Vous to make sure visitors come back to the platform and spend more.


      Create a content strategy providing educative and additional information about the brand to increase conversion and upsell.


      Content strategy, Blog, E-Marketing, Social, Cross-platform, Co-branding, etc.

    • Revenue



      Discover new products and new features to increase AOV and LTV.


      Collect data from the entire funnel from acquisition to returning customers and testing new ideas before implementing them.

    Why we do it.

    • Understand your market and users
    • Master CAC
    • Implement a Kill & Learn methodology
    • Continuously iterate on products / services
    • Build world-class KPIs for Investors
    We have worked with 100+ consumer and B2B brands at many different stages, and thus developed a unique growth hacking methodology around the needs of startups and Fortune 100s, to lead rapid and sustainable growth. Our Growth Hacking framework relies heavily on a data and user centric methodology. We collect real user data and track every performance to make informed decisions and long-lasting growth. Whatever stage you are at, we will provide you with both strategic and executional expertise.
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    In Numbers.

    • +$1Bn

      in revenue last year

    • +$50m

      in fund raising last year

    • 177%

      conversion uplift last year

    • $1.21

      average CPA last year

    Bold+Beyond has delivered on all aspects that matter to my business. Strategy, creativity and tangible results.

    Walter FaulstrohCEO and Co-founder

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