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Learn Your Market and Master Your CAC.

We help entrepreneurs and Fortune 100s to pre-launch their project on the market through a data-driven and user-centric approach. We test 300+ campaigns to discover our audiences’ triggers, optimize CAC and guarantee the product-market fit with real leads.

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    How We Do It.

    • Segmentation & Audience

      Massively test your audiences by defining your user personas around specific criteria, pain points, and goals to over-perform CAC and achieve product-market fit.
    • Messaging & Onboarding

      Rapidly generate and test up to 300 campaigns and landing pages (age, place, sex, AZ test) to identify your audience, triggers, USP, and messaging.
    • Data Science

      Quickly understand your audience and optimize campaigns to identify the best performing audiences and triggers to maximize your CAC.
    • Master your CAC

      Precisely identify your lowest Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to optimize your marketing budget and build rapid and sustainable growth.

    Why We Do It.

    • Learn Your Market and Users
    • Discover Your Audience’s Triggers
    • Minimize Your CAC
    • Reduce Innovation Risks
    • Achieve Product-Market Fit
    • Build World-Class KPIs for Investors

    We have worked with 100+ consumer and B2B brands at many different stages, and thus developed a unique growth hacking framework that combines the right set of skills and tools with a data and user-centric methodology to quickly test ideas and collect valuable data.

    Whatever stage you are at, we will offer both strategic and executional expertise to deliver rapid and sustainable growth.

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    What We Deliver.

    • Business Intelligence Report

      Benefit from a complete Business Intelligence Report that provides insights into your best performing audiences and triggers, your targeted user acquisition costs, new growth opportunities and a complete growth forecast.

    • Onboarding New Customers

      Whether you are an entrepreneur or a Fortune 100, launching a product or a new market, testing your market while signing your first clients is key to success. The entire program aims to collect data while onboarding new customers.

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    Series A

    Learn Your Market and Master Your CAC.

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