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Creativity & Technology for a Greater Impact

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Clay AIR

Sold to Qualcomm in 2021

What We Do

We merge strategy, creativity, and technology to help brands grow, creating value together in an era of digital transformation.

  • Strategy

    • Digital Strategy
    • Digital Transformation
    • Data & Optimization
  • Creativity

    • User Experience Design
    • User Interface Design
    • Content Creation
  • Technology

    • Tailor-Made
    • Scalable
    • Network & Security


  • UX Optimization

    We help analyze and perform a diagnostic on your digital product user experience to identify the triggers in your customers’ flow, why they bounce, and how you can improve your UX to better serve their needs for retention and conversion.

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  • Website

    From corporate websites to cutting-edge web experiences, we can craft just about anything that will make an impact on your audience. We have experience building with CMSs like WordPress, Craft, Contentful, simple HTML frameworks, and more!

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  • Mobile Apps

    We help craft the optimal user experience for your mobile application on a variety of devices using either native technologies or the popular React Native framework, ensuring your users will be engaged for the years to come.

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  • Web Applications

    We can help you achieve your ambitious project, from prototyping to continuous development integration. We can craft the single-page progressive web application of your dreams using technologies with the likes of NodeJS, Vue, React or Laravel, and more.

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  • Custom Applications

    You are looking to launch a digital product on a specialized market like Desktop, tvOS, iWatch Apps, AR/VR… We can help build the application you need fully customized with a user experience specific to targeted devices.

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  • E-Commerce

    Converting your prospects into loyal customers starts with a great user shopping experience. We can help create your online boutique with Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, or even with tailor-made solutions such as Stripe.

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Use Cases

More Work

  • Commerzbank - Upp
  • Commerzbank - Palatin
  • HUM Nutrition
  • Privé Revaux
  • Eclipse
  • Henderson Casting
  • Concierge
  • Influence
  • Digital Platform | Banking

    Commerzbank - Upp

  • Digital Platform | Banking

    Commerzbank - Palatin

  • Subscription | Beauty

    HUM Nutrition

  • E-commerce | Fashion

    Privé Revaux

  • Booking | Fashion


  • Content Platform | Entertainment

    Henderson Casting

  • E-commerce | Tech


  • Corporate Website | Corporate


Languages and Frameworks

  • Front-End

    • Vue

    • React

    • Nuxt

    • Next

    • CSS3

    • Post CSS

    • Sass

    • Javascript

    • Pug

  • CMS

    • Wordpress

    • Craft

    • Contentful

    • Strapi

    • Drupal

    • Shopify

    • WooCommerce

    • PrestaShop

    • Magento

  • Server & Hosting

    • AWS

    • Digital Ocean

    • Nginx

    • Apache

    • Cloudflare

    • Docker

    • Vagrant

    • Mailchimp

    • Sendgrid

  • Back-End & Data

    • PHP

    • Laravel

    • Symphony

    • Node JS

    • Koa

    • oAuth

    • MongoDB

    • MySQL/Maria DB

    • GraphQL

  • Mobile

    • Swift

    • Java

    • Kotlin

    • React Native

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Work With Us

4 Ways of Working with Us

  • Fixed Price

    We use this model for projects with a predefined scope of work and timeline. This type of cooperation is ideal for projects where there is little to no change expected in terms of features and the overall scope of the project.

  • Time & Materials

    This model applies to most new product development projects because scope can be difficult to predict. We start with a broad prediction of budget and timeline, which goes into more detail with each following phase to ensure full control of the budget.

  • Retained Partnership

    This model enables you to have a team of people who work full-time on your project. It's perfect if you have long-term needs for designers, developers, and other experts.

  • Consulting & Training

    Strategy or educational sessions are done with partners who wish to revise their strategies and products, or simply elevate their knowledge about digital marketing.

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